Mutapa at the decks

Mutapa had a dream to create unique parties with good music having experienced many of London’s special clubbing and raving moments. He came up with the idea of Positive Frequency whilst seated one hot summer in an abandoned perfume shop in the middle of Shoreditch. The disused shop had a basement and no one wanted to go down there, so he spent a week cleaning it up, borrowed a sound system, invited some friends and threw his first party there. That was the birth of Positive Frequency with it’s strong DIY/Do-It-Together ethic and more would follow! Exploring some of London’s most unique locations and bringing together people from all walks of life has been Positive Frequency’s agenda since the beginning. As a DJ, Mutapa has kept his sound rooted in rave culture from past to present. He is very much influenced by the original techno and electro from Detroit and house music from Chicago along with the many inspiring electronic records and artists from Europe and Southern Africa. His strong cultural roots in African music and dance as central aspects of life that bring communities together as a means of communication, celebration, mourning and healing, go hand in hand with what he plays. Music with depth and rhythm, music to help explore different aspects of consciousness through dance whether it’s in an underground rave as a resident selector at Positive Frequency or in any of the capital’s parties and clubs.

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